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Public and private partnerships are needed to ensure success and a high quality of life for our county.  Stacy believes that working with the cities and nonprofit community is paramount for the continued health and welfare of the citizens.

Mental Health

Johnson County is addressing significant mental health issues at all levels including, teen suicide and opioid use as well as senior depression and military PTSD.  Stacy supports partnering with many different organizations to help those vulnerable and in need of mental health services in our community.

Fiscal Responsibility

 Her experience with the state school funding formula has taught Stacy how to be responsible with the people’s money.  Her business and school board experience brings a knowledge of economics and how to run a county with a budget of over $1 billion efficiently. 

Equity and Equality

All voices need to heard and represented in local government. Stacy's leadership style is one of inclusion and transparency.

Public Safety

This is an important job of county government, to keep citizens safe, manage correction facilities, and oversee Fire Departments, the Sheriff's Office, and the District Attorney.



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